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How Do I Attract Tenants?

How Do I Attract Tenants?

May 9, 2024

The multifamily segment of real estate is getting increasingly more competitive as time passes, making it harder for owners and managers to attract and maintain tenants. To combat this issue, property managers and owners are taking steps to find different and unique ways to attract and maintain tenants. One of these ways is leveraging new and improved amenities for future and existing tenants. Individuals’ lifestyles and preferences are constantly changing, and they want their housing to evolve along with them. To do so, you need to sell your property using amenities to stand out from the rest. To help you do so, the multifamily real estate professionals at The Multifamily Firm have compiled our best tips to help you implement the best amenities to attract and maintain tenants in your multifamily property. 

Amenities To Add To Attract Tenants In Multifamily Properties


Add Pet-Friendly Amenities & Options

Many individuals across the country own pets, whether dogs, cats, or more niche animals. This means prospective tenants are on the hunt for a property that not only allows pets but also has amenities for them. These amenities include dog areas, playpens, and even a washing station. Adding these minor fixes can make those who have pets or seek to get pets more interested in your space.


Increase Your Sustainable Efforts

Sustainability and environmental efforts are on the rise, which means potential tenants are on the lookout for the most sustainable living option. Many environmentally friendly changes can be made easily and efficiently, including swapping regular light bulbs for LED ones, offering recycling bins, having electric vehicle parking, and more! These efforts will show tenants that you are committing to a better and healthier living environment for them for years to come.


Establish Entertainment Areas Inside & Outside

Another great amenity to add to your property is an indoor or outdoor entertainment area where residents can enjoy and form a community. Outdoor areas would be the easiest and most efficient way to do so, as all you need to do is add some seating, a fire pit, grill, and other outdoor activities! Doing so will greatly increase and enhance the tenant experience, making them want to stay for years to come.


Create A Health & Wellness Area

Many individuals prioritize health and wellness improvement, making it a great amenity to add to your property. Wellness areas can range from stunning gyms with equipment to yoga rooms, walking trails, and bike storage. There are a multitude of options for providing your tenants with healthy options.


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