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Are Multifamily Properties the Most Sustainable Form of Real Estate?

Are Multifamily Properties the Most Sustainable Form of Real Estate?

April 18, 2023

In the new age of sustainability, residents, investors, and property managers are more interested in eco-friendly, green properties than ever before. With a stronger emphasis on sustainability practices and creating a healthier, happier planet, high-rise buildings, and large multifamily properties have stepped up to the occasion, giving eco-conscious residents and owners better options that cut energy use drastically. That is why our team of multifamily professionals has developed our top reasons why multifamily properties are the most sustainable form of real estate.


Lower Energy Usage

Many researchers have proven that multifamily properties use a significant amount of less energy than regular single-family properties. Whether you have a newer multifamily property or an older one, energy rates may vary. This is due to factors such as appliances, lightning, and other energy-exerting materials that are found in homes and apartments. The newer the space with the newer appliances is going to spend much less in terms of energy usage, creating a greener space for all.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Many multi-family properties such as complexes, apartments, and condominiums are beginning or already have been adhering to the basics in terms of sustainable housing. This includes being mindful of the density of the property, and maximizing the open space while minimizing the property or building’s footprint. These properties are doing so by operating close to public transit, using shared systems, sharing wall space, organic landscaping, and green roofs.

More Sustainability=Higher ROI

With the ability to increase sustainability in reach, many property owners, renters, etc. agree that sustainability practices are worth the cost. This is because the bar revolving around what it means to be sustainable and “green” is constantly changing and being raised. Now that businesses and properties are making the case for sustainability, the value of it in terms of the property price is involved. The higher the number of sustainability practices, the higher the return on investment will be for the multifamily property.


Merging working from home with a personal work/life balance can be complicated for some residents within a multifamily property. However, many multifamily property investors and owners have created communal spaces where residents can work in the comfort of their building all while separating their life from work. With no commute costs and energy output, this is another reason why multifamily properties are an increasingly more sustainable form of real estate.

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