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Preparing Your Multifamily Properties for Spring

Preparing Your Multifamily Properties for Spring

March 4, 2024

Maintenance Tips and Best Practices For Your Multifamily Property

Spring is beginning to bloom nationwide, bringing longer days, warmer weather, and a sense of renewal. With the warmer weather on the horizon, you may notice all of the effects of the winter weather on your multifamily property. Whether it is wind, snow, ice, rain, or cold weather-related, you may be disappointed seeing the status of your property. Thankfully, spring is a perfect time to make necessary repairs, adjustments, and improvements to your multifamily property to get it in tip-top shape come summer. Whether you are looking to sell, rent, or maintain your multifamily property, the industry experts at The Multifamily Firm have compiled our industry best practices to help you maintain your property correctly this spring.


Multifamily Property Spring Cleaning Checklist:


Inspect The Properties Roof & Gutters

The stress of winter and colder weather can negatively impact your property, especially your roof and gutters. Spring is a perfect time to properly inspect your roof for missing shingles, cracks, sagging, overfilled gutters, and anything that looks to have a negative impact on the property. Doing so will ensure your property looks great and, more importantly, that it is structurally sound. Call a professional to clean your gutters and adequately examine your roof if you notice any issues.


Clean Up & Configure New Landscaping

Whether you are looking to rent out, sell, or maintain your multifamily property, curb appeal is significant and a critical deciding factor for many. Spring is a perfect time to increase curb appeal by working on and updating your landscaping game. This includes picking up fallen branches, dead leaves, weeds, dead plants, and anything that looks unappealing to the eyes. Once you have completed the cleanup, invest in lovely plants, mulch, and fresh greenery that can give your property a sense of newness.


Inspect & Make Adjustments To Your HVAC

Spring will not last forever, and it is guaranteed that the temperatures will only get increasingly hotter. When running through your spring checklist, it is essential to look at your HVAC machine to ensure it works correctly. Taking the time to do so will prevent you from having to handle upset messages from tenants. If you notice your HVAC could be running more efficiently, call an HVAC professional who can make sure all of your systems are working and are set for the warm weather!


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