Receive Complimentary Property Valuation

About The Company

The Multifamily Firm is a premier investment real estate brokerage exclusively focused on the disposition & acquisition of multifamily properties. Based in Sarasota and Tampa, Florida, the firm is strongly positioned at the epicenter of economic growth and activity on the West Coast of Florida. 

The Multifamily Firm allocates 100% of its time, effort and resources to the multifamily segment. Every property being marketed, or sold and all corresponding communication, is concentrated in the multifamily segment. This approach enables us to stay continuously dialed in to market trends and provide our clients with proactive disposition strategies.

Determining the Value of a Multifamily Property is an Art Not a Science!

We support our clients with the following

Property Financial Analysis

We employ sophisticated, forward-looking underwriting strategies with advanced technology to identify financial strengths & weaknesses and advise our seller clients on the best approach to achieve the highest possible price.

Disposition & Acquisition Strategy

Timing is everything! Through a rigorous financial & market analysis, our team advises our clients how a property stacks up with the competition and the best timing for a disposition/acquisition.

Value-Add Renovation Strategy

How much should you invest per unit on an interior renovation and what return on investment can you expect for that renovated unit? Using our experience & leveraging our technology, were able to pinpoint the most effective renovation strategy to maximize your return on investment.

Market Sales Comps & Rent Comps Analysis

Using state of the art technology, our extensive database compiles data from all new transactions in the market and allows us to stay continuously dialed-in to market Cap rates, price per unit, price per square foot, rent per square foot, and other transaction metrics.

Property Value Trend Monitoring

For select clientele, we offer continuously property valuation monitoring, that enable our clients to stay ahead of changes in market trends and determine the best disposition timing.

1031 Exchange Guidance

The tax deferred exchanged, “1031 Exchange”, offers taxpayers one of the last great opportunities to build wealth and save taxes. Our team has successfully guided numerous sellers & buyers through the process when disposing of an investment and acquiring a replacement property. We’ve developed relationships with several “qualified intermediaries” that specialize in the process!