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Top Features Tenants Look for in Multifamily Properties During Summer

Top Features Tenants Look for in Multifamily Properties During Summer

July 9, 2024

Over the past few years, amenities in the multifamily real estate sector have made significant strides. Individuals, renters, and even buyers searching for a multifamily property have new needs, wants, and desires when it comes to their preferred amenities. Whether health and wellness related or focused on relaxation and private spaces, individuals seek elaborate living experiences that once did not exist. Suppose you are wondering what drives interest in these amenities and what to look out for when contemplating what to add to your investment property. In that case, the experts at The Multifamily Firm have compiled our guide to help you serve your future residents the best.


Amenities Tenants Will Look For This Upcoming Season:


Pet-Friendly Areas:

Those who are interested in multifamily housing will be interested in spaces that have outdoor areas for pets and themselves. This is especially important in areas such as cities or other urban markets where green space is limited. These areas do not have to be large for tenants’ furry friends but should offer enough space for their animals to play, explore, and use the bathroom.


Collaborative Working Spaces:

In today’s day and age, working from home is on the rise and is most definitely here to stay, which is why we expect tenants to be on the hunt for properties that offer co-working or collaborative spaces. This addition allows your residents to collaborate with one another and have flexible options in terms of their working environment. Many enjoy leaving the confines of their living areas, and these spaces can cater to their diverse needs.


The Addition Of Smart Technology & Features:

Another feature we expect future residents to be on the lookout for is the inclusion and addition of smart technology. Smart technology, despite its advanced nature, is designed for convenience and can be as simple as adding temperature control for air conditioning, automatic lights, camera security systems, and others. In addition to making tenants’ lives easier they also improve the emergency efficiency and sustainability efforts of your property.


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