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Ways to Highlight Your Multifamily Property’s Most Sellable Features

Ways to Highlight Your Multifamily Property’s Most Sellable Features

April 30, 2024

Every multifamily property is unique, so learning and knowing how to showcase a property’s individuality is vital when preparing for the rental season. These techniques and knowledge are critical in attracting new tenants and retaining current ones. However, we also understand that budget and skill set are only sometimes available. This is why the expert team at The Multifamily Firm has compiled our top tips to help you highlight your multifamily properties’ most sellable and favorable features to keep your property full this rental season.


Top Ways To Sell Your Multifamily Property


Take Videos Of The Interior & Exterior

There is no better way to sell all of the areas of your multifamily property than by taking clear and concise videos of the interior & exterior. You can record this small property tour video on a professional camera or iPhone. Once complete and you have the shots you desire, you can upload the video to a streaming platform such as YouTube, allowing easy embedding into social platforms and your website. In addition, these videos allow anyone interested in your property to have a fully guided tour at any hour of the day or night. 


Take Photos Of Memorable Areas Of The Property

Another way to highlight your property’s top features is by photographing the most memorable, unique, and quality areas. This means highlighting the sellable features that future tenants will care the most about when choosing their next living space. Areas that should be targeted include updated appliances, outdoor areas, patios, fresh paint, improvements, etc. In addition, you can take exterior photos if you have recently redone windows, siding, roofing, etc. 


Compile & Utilize Current Testimonials

Another way to market your property as the best is by having current tenants say so. Ask tenants with whom you have an excellent relationship to send or publish positive testimonials regarding your property. You can then use these testimonials to advertise on leasing sites, social media, and for other purposes.


Highlight Statistics 

Another great way to highlight your property and increase tenants is by focusing on positive statistics regarding your property. These statistics include crime rates, positive school areas, the property’s age, and any other positive statistics you have encountered.


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