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Maximizing Value for our Clients

The Multifamily Firm’s marketing platform is specifically tailored to each property, with the implementation of a comprehensive national marketing campaign, that showcases the property in a controlled & professional format. From launch to close, the founders of the firm are directly involved with all the key aspects of the marketing process to assure property information is being delivered at the highest level. Through our dedicated multifamily focus, we provide our clients with superior market expertise and superior exposure to our continuously growing national multifamily network.

With multiple offers frequently generated through our marketing process, our approach is to identify the buyer with the highest probability of close, at the highest price, within the shortest possible time-frame! Furthermore, by leveraging our deal-making experience, and strong negotiations strategy, we thrive to assure our seller clients maintain leverage throughout the transaction.

Our approach is to identify the buyer with the highest probability of close, at the highest price, within the shortest possible time-frame!

National Multifamily Network

Through our distribution channels, online marketing, social media, marketing affiliations, and previous engagements we have assembled the National Multifamily Network. This network is comprised of brokers, investors, and financial services providers throughout the USA, that are specifically focused in the Multifamily Segment. Our Network allows us to continuously interact, on a National Level with key players in the segment, and to produce additional marketing exposure for our clients!

National Multifamily Network

Institutional Grade Property Website

Our high quality & detailed property websites enable prospects to access the property offering memorandum & due diligence information, 24/7, after executing an electronic confidentiality agreement right on the site. The property website serves as the main funneling point for all marketing channels and assures that all buyer activity is recorded & tracked!

Institutional Grade Property Website

Email Blast Campaigns

Our advanced email marketing platform empowers our marketing team to stay in constant contact with our extensive multifamily proprietary database. Our campaigns are specifically tailored to each property & designed to increase click rates by highlighting the strengths of the offering with high resolution drone / exterior photos. Every email provides direct access to the property website & offering memorandum and ensures the property is reaching maximum exposure with concise timelines!

Email Blast  Campaigns

Leveraging Social Media

Social Media sites continue to rapidly advance as an additional marketing channel to increase national & international marketing exposure. With an estimated 2.38 Billion users on Facebook, +575 Million users on LinkedIn, +330 Million users on Twitter, and +78 Million on Instagram; Social Media empowers The Multifamily Firm to reach an astonishing number of prospects within seconds! And more importantly, to do so on a continuous basis to increase connections/followers!

Leveraging Social Media

Professional Offering Memorandum

All our offerings are presented with the use of our highly detailed, clean / crisp Professional Offering Memorandums; which exhibits all the necessary underwriting information desired by a buyer/investor. The “OM” can only be accessed after a party has executed an electronic confidentiality agreement, and includes high resolution drone, exterior & interior photos, an executive summary, property salient facts, location summary, rent comps, sales comps, demographics, and a complete financial analysis / projection of the asset.

Professional  Offering  Memorandum

Confidential Document “Deal Room”

For each offering, every prospect is required to execute an electronic confidentiality agreement; which must be approved by The Multifamily Firm, before accessing any proprietary information about the subject property. Our “deal room” and/or “deal vault” enables us to protect our seller clients by keeping their property financial information 100% confidential, unless a party has been approved by our firm to access the information!

Confidential  Document  “Deal Room”

Real-time Marketing Data & Analytics

Every prospect with every offering is 100% accounted for & tracked through our advanced marketing technology. Our system sends us automatic real-time notifications when any prospect views the property, requests information, signs the confidentiality agreement, views the offering memorandum, or expresses interest in submitting an offer. All this information automatically stored in our system, so we can keep our clients continuously informed on our marketing activity!

Real-time  Marketing Data  & Analytics